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We are pleased to provide a video archive for Illuman.Media Buttons

1. Illuman: Journey Together

In this introductory video, men describe how they found Illuman and are supported by the Journey of Illumination.

2. Illuman Way of Council

The Way of Council is Illuman’s primary practice, implemented at all levels of our work, from rites of passage to chapter meetings, from our homes to our wider communities. We respect this enough to equip men to do it well, but we acknowledge that council emerges apart from our efforts to control it. Circles have an archetypal life of their own. Council is the best teacher of council. In this video, Jim Taylor describes the Illuman Way of Council for attendees to Soularize 2016.

For more information on the Illuman Way of Council, visit our Way of Council webpage.

3. Drawing from a Deep Well With Fr. Richard Rohr

In November 2016, Illuman hosted Fr. Richard Rohr for the Drawing from a Deep Well Men’s Retreat in Bernalillo, NM. Fr. Richard led attendees on an up close and personal journey through his 35 years in the development of male spirituality retreats and programs that led to the creation of Illuman in 2012.  With his ever-present sense of humor and touching insight, he makes himself vulnerable by sharing stories and reflections on his own spiritual and personal journey. To access the videos from the retreat, please use this link.

4. Soularize 2016: Firestoker- Show Up and Act!

Last November, Illuman hosted Soularize 2016: Firestoker—Show Up and Act! in Bernalillo, New Mexico. The event included panel presentations by Illuman men, describing the four gates they passed through on their spiritual journey to Service, the fifth Illuman Touchstone on the Journey of Illumination. The four gateways were: Grief and Loss, Addiction, Social Justice, and Care for the Next Generation. To access the videos from Soularize 2016, please use this link.

5. Soularize 2015: Season’s of a Man’s Life

In 2015, Illuman hosted Soularize 2015: Season’s of a Man’s Life in Bernalillo, New Mexico.  The event included presentations by Illuman’s Weavers on four seasons of a man’s life: Sowing, Growing, Pruning, and Harvesting.  In addition, we were joined by Fr. Richard Rohr for a talk about male spirituality and men’s work, and hosted a panel of presentations with Illuman men involved in Social Justice issues.  To access the videos from Soularize 2015, please use this link.

Check back periodically as our media library keeps growing and evolving.